Substance Abuse Professional / Employee Assistance Program


We provide free brochures and referral forms for you to hand out to your clients. If you would like for us to mail out the free brochures, please contact Diana Del Toro at: (830)-372-4555 or email here.

You can download a copy of the brochure.

You can download a copy of the referral form.

About our education classes

Our goal is to provide affordable educational classes that give valuable information and provide awareness and knowledge.

Are you having trouble locating affordable classes that fit your client’s schedule? Or perhaps, you are looking for new resources in your area that currently are not available? We can help!

Our online classes are never cancelled, self-paced, suitable for all ages, and available 24/7.

Programs are securely time locked and interactive. All courses have quizzes, essays, and final exams. They are affordable and can be completed 24/7 from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Want to know how your client is doing in the program? Request their certified copy of transcript. The certified copy of transcript will have their entire online activity including: Interactive Essays, Notes, and Summarizing (IENS), test questions, quizzes, and test scores.

Upon successful completion of the program, an official certificate will be available for self-printing, plus another will be emailed directly to your client.

Contact Diana Del Toro at: (830)-372-4555 or email if you have questions.


All of our classes are convenient and available 24/7, allowing you to meet the educational recommendation. Online classes are private, so you won’t have to meet with strangers in a classroom who will learn your private matters. Our courses are available in two different formats: full audio and text. You can access the training from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

  • A fully online experience
  • Catered to your schedule
  • Super easy to use and navigate

All of our classes are taken securely online and available 24/7. These courses are designed to help strengthen your ability to make better choices and learn the skills that will help create a happier, healthier life.

The topics covered in our programs can help a person succeed in their personal, educational, professional, and social life. Making responsible decisions are key skills that everyone needs.

Our programs cover a wide range of educational lessons and help a person understand positive and negative consequences so they can practice making good choices and decisions. Participants will get information on how to deal with problems and emotions in a healthy manner, listen to others, and consider the consequences of different actions.

How It Works: Our educational courses have the tightest securities in the industry to ensure your client is participating in the program. The courses have timers to keep participant from advancing before their time is up, Attendance Verification Codes to verify attendance, questions must be answered using their own thoughts and words, quiz questions at the end of each chapter, and a 70% or better is required on the final exam. Call me to preview or 'test drive' our courses for free at: (830)-372-4555

Certified Transcript: SAPs can request their clients bring them a certified copy of the transcript. The certified copy will include all of the client's complete online course activity. The transcript will include: Time stamped digital footprint, all test scores, and every question and how they answered. You can add the document to their file and/or use during the follow up evaluation.


2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16-Hour Courses


6, 8, 12 and 16 Hour Courses


4, 8, and 12 Hour Courses


2 and 4-Hour Courses


4, 8, 12 and 16 Hour Courses

Drive Smart Be Safe

2 Hour Course

Opioid Education

4 Hour Course

Substance Abuse

4, 8, and 12 Hour Courses